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Thank you for access to our website . We soy meat , vegetarian food , is a comprehensive sales company of vegetarian food . Currently , vegetable meals are bathed beauty , nutrition , the attention from the environmental surface or the like . Therefore provision and of soy protein foods ( soy meat ) in our company , by performing the development and sales of vegetable processed food , eateries like , wholesale and retail -like , we will meet the needs of the general customers .

If you have any soybean processed food you are looking for , please contact us to our company . Fried type Among the soy meat , minced type , we offer a wide variety of types , such as shredded type . Also manufacturers , already vegetarian trade trader ( vegan ) of product handling customers , please by all means consult with our company .

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Service Info.

Sales bidder for

Vegetarian merchandise , person of ordering a size for the soy meat business , please contact us by all means to our company . So we offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes of soy meat , it is possible to pay each time to propose a soy meat that is suitable to your needs .
Since also capacity can be suggestions from a small amount , snack shop , can you purchase the required amount depending on the demand scale , such as a cafe , also restaurants .

Your private brand product development

It is possible to manufacture the company’s PB brand products in vegetarian specification . We have heard various from a small package of retail to large packages for business . Soy meat of the package , retort curry , ramen , there is a manufacturing performance of seasonings , etc. , it is a wide range of possible production from room temperature to the frozen food .

Vegetarian online specialty store operation of the ” Greens vegetarian mail order “

It has opened to the Internet mall Rakuten and Yahoo! Shopping . Processed soybean products , vegetarian food , organic food , etc. , we offer a wealth of products of which you can use in everyday life . Here in the stores we have with the main sales of retail package, but we also made ​​the sale of some commercial products .↓Greens to vegetarian Shopping Rakuten shops

How to deal

In our company we sell vegetarian processed foods business bidder for . Your dealings hope in new ,Inquiry formPlease give me more contact us.

<Flow of dealings>
Specific items of your choice (or commodity of hope image ) received your contact than form , we will then present the quote will be to the contents confirmation by phone or e-mail from our company . Price of the commodity , lot , postage , also regard to details of the dealings conditions , the case will be announced separately .


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Company Info.

Company Name Green Culture, Inc.
Director Representative Director : Satoshi Kaneda
General Counsel Lawyer: Kohki Otsuka
Tax Counsel Tax Counsellor: Masami Arai
Head Office 4-5-25, Higashishinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, 124-0023, Japan
Logistics base Green Culture Distribution Center,2-480-2, Takano, Misato-shi, Saitama, 341-0035, Japan
Contact Information TEL:048-960-0426(Weekday9:30-17:30)
Business Overview soy meat , vegetable processed food , retail and wholesale selling vegetarian food planning and development natural food , pet food , etc. import and sale of vegetarian specialty food
Product Line soy meat , soy meat , soy processed food , vegetable curry , organic food , natural seasoning
Capital \10 million
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Main Client 内閣府・内閣官房食堂
Join Organizations Japan Association of New Economy

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